What seem to be the most

But why are these sub companies created then? For just a "department" seems seems like a bit too much overhead. Does this help with management?

What seem to be the most

ISO for risk analysis in an organization fails for the simple reason, that it is not designed for bottom up analysis. It is designed to avoid risks in executing decisions.

For some reasons people thinks that aggregating the top risks identified during risk work in executing the project, will inform management about what risks they exposed to. This is completely wrong, and very far from real life.


The only contribution ISO Not to say that is unimportant. But it will not tell you anything comprehensively about what risks are still in the organization. It will not tell you what risks that have been accepted.

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The reason is RM ISO is devoid of the structure that normally applies for investments and corporate goals goal, schedule and budget. In RM any parameter, that can influence your ability to reach your goal can be stated as a risk. I can say that there is a risk of a bad collaboration between team a and team b.

I would like to see anyone make a good ERM analysis of that risk. How does that risk threaten your capital and your future earnings?

What seem to be the most

Through this process it has been possible to get a better insight into the risks of i. The process has not yet been published, but the point is that I strongly urge you to consider the actual ERM value of any ISO based process.Regular cancer screenings can lower the chance of death from lung cancer.

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