The enrons ethics breakdown

Why Did It Happen? How could a loss of this magnitude have occured? Where were the checks and balances? Specifically, whatever happened to WorldCom's board of directors, the custodians of this once mighty corporation?

The enrons ethics breakdown

Polyamory beliefs Everyone asks why. Why take the risk of having an open relationship when you have children? They perceive polyamory as a selfish choice rather than a realistic choice supporting an inclination.

Rather than argue those misconceptions, my answer is this. The reason we are so blissfully happy is because we have an open relationship. Being monogamous is a horrible risk. And for us at least, a greater one than polyamory.

What is 'Corporate Culture'

Monogamy is designed to keep couples together by creating barriers of exit; socially; financially and psychologically.

One cannot look at the divorce statistics to ascertain how successful it is; this only proves how many couples remain married. Nor does it show how many couples are monogamous by law and yet have some element of infidelity within their configuration, be it emotional or physical.

In the final analysis, statistics mean very little and being a financial analyst by trade, I know that underlying motivations for variance can tell a completely different story. I cannot, and will not prove anything to anyone with statistics.

People may choose to be monogamous or polyamorous. It has not stemmed from values of freedom, acceptance and love. We are a culture who tries to assuage uncertainty and establish boundaries to control our fear. We are living in a fear based culture.

And our society exemplifies this in numerous ways. As an economy, when Enrons or Barings scandals occur, we immediately look to control any future outcomes by making more rules. More stringent measures…codes of ethics, Sarbanes Oxley, better corporate structures to govern conflicts of interest. They are mind and ego games.

They take the heart out of operations, create anxiety and — yes — temporary reassurance. And this is the everlasting vicious circle. More control, creates more fear, which in turn creates more control. People who go against the norm are excluded. Those people are a threat to our beliefs and a veiled insult to the way that we live our lives.

Where people are a threat to our control, authority, territory, or resources, we can even go to war to prove our point. At an individual level, many prefer to live in a comfort zone, unwilling or unable to take on certain challenges of life. They are happy — or think they are happy — with the effect that a system derived from control and property management produces.

It gives them a false sense of security and in many respects stops that pain that is growing. Because the challenge life is that it is uncertain. This uncertainty encourages growth.

The enrons ethics breakdown

A commitment to better awareness and honesty. It involves some pain on ocassion, yes. But only as far as it concerns the breakdown of our self-imposed beliefs.

Life is a bit like training for a marathon.

The enrons ethics breakdown

No one expects it to be easy or comfortable, but it sure as hell is powerful and exhilarating. Polyamory is a belief in our ability to love many. It is also a methodology by with you can constantly re-evaluate if your current relationships are serving you all in a healthy way.

It is a concept which embodies our universal needs of Love, Freedom, Connection and Honesty.

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

It is the antithesis of control.Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.

Often, corporate culture is implied. It is essential that corporations have dependable communication structures in place. The last thing a business wants is to fail to communicate its position properly. Unfortunately, many large corporations have really dropped the ball while working with their customers.

We take communication for. A complicating factor in issues of fraud and ethical breakdown is the intangible nature of fraud. is a potentially powerful governance mechanism.

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This review is based on “Delivering responsibility” by Rajashree Birla, “Taking a longer view (revival of ethics at Putnam Investments)” by Jessica Marquez and “A culture of ethics and integrity: Lockheed Martin moves beyond Sarbanes‐Oxley and the sentencing guidelines” by Brian Sears.

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