Significance of learning and the role

Patel Introduction Most countries attribute the English Language to be the global language.

Significance of learning and the role

Even sites in other languages often give you the option to translate the site. In fact, because it is so dominant in international communication, you will find more information regarding nearly every subject if you can speak this language.

Countries where English is either the national language or an official language. Source Resources Make Learning English Easy Although many people think that it is very difficult and confusing, English is actually the easiest language of the world to learn because there are so many resources available.

Discover the Importance of Lifelong Learning

As soon as you decide you want to learn, there are thousands of resources on the Internet and in bookstores. I suggest watching as much TV as you can, in English with English subtitles, and you will pick up conversational English in no time.

If you speak English, you can travel anywhere in the world. Source Travel and Business With good understanding and communication in English, you can travel around the globe. You can test it by online travel.

Any travel booking site you can find will have English as a booking option. English skills will also help you in any business venture you choose to follow. If you visit some offices, companies, governmental organizations, or even math or engineering companies, you will see the importance of English.

Teaching and Learning Theory - Student's Role

Any big company will hire their professional staff after getting to know whether the people they are hiring are good at English or not. Companies who want to function at an international level only consider their staff well educated if they are good English speakers, writers, and readers.

Source The Language of Hollywood Everyone knows that Hollywood is in the United States, and that the biggest television and music industries in the world are based there. As I mentioned above, TV and movies are a great way to practice your English once you start learning.

If you want to one day work in the entertainment industry, English is even more essential.

Significance of learning and the role

Those who are still unaware of the importance of English should start learning it, as a time will come when everything will be understood, spoken and written in English. In a lot of ways, that time is already here. Go ahead, watch some media, and get an idea of the language.Importance of learning to organizational development and it's absolutely vital to be effective in this role.

Learning professionals often don't have a seat at the executive table, but you. The primary purpose of role-playing exercises is to get students to look at the material they are learning in a new light.


The instructor is persuading them to alter their mental maps of the world instead of just filling them in (Blatner, ).

Importance Of Learning Learning is often confused with education, which is, in fact, only a part of the whole learning experience in life. Learning is a constant process which involves learning to live, to socialize and to behave.

Significance of learning and the role

For you see, I am learning as I play. I am You can take an active role in expressive play by using the materials alongside your child. 3 Fantasy Play: Children learn to try new roles and situations, experiment with languages and emotions with fantasy play.

Children learn to think and create beyond their. teaching methods such as role-playing, games, observation, demonstration, imitation, inquiring, self teaching and learning and peer teaching were used to transmit societal .

This article has emphasised the significance of materials development in language program. Though there are five elements in language teaching and learners should be the centre of teaching. However, materials often control the teaching, since teachers and learners tend to rely heavily on them.

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