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See Article History Alternative Titles: In movies such as Piranhathe piranha has been depicted as a ravenous indiscriminate killer.

Eil arohan

Please if this is your kinda game and you're able, buy it yourself and play before watching a playthrough. This shit is fuckin' weird. Thumbnail art by Music by Kaizerwolf - Spectral Prism: Comments to the video: And EnderGirlGaming I agree with you so much.

You earned zero shit.

Eil arohan

Undertale is just so awesome and Cry does it well: ShadowDan4 4 months ago I can't get enough of this Playthrough, I keep coming back to it almost every year.

This is whats great about undertale, Eil arohan almost always diffferent playthroughs for each new letsplayer. Teresa Martinez 4 months ago Play the genocide route Lil Bug 4 months ago If you stay in the hallway when toriel leaves you she will say stuff dont wanna give out spoilers of what she says though.

Marion Parfait 4 months ago Hi,um,this my first video i saw by cry i like it. I heard of you in many Eil arohan pewds videos. He has a cool voice non the less. Troy Dueker 4 months ago That dog gamned voice is so fracturating majestic.

Regardless, thank you so much for this playthrough. Blurcat 1 5 months ago mmmmmm i can feel the fans screaming at him not to eat the pie Mac Harrington 5 months ago I just had to Francis W. Escobar 5 months ago dont u just love how he gets into character with cow mom xD, hahahaha i wouldn fight her either Mac Harrington 5 months ago He could seriously be a voice actor in a movie.

The most terrifying person to roam the earth. Cry when he plays video games: Sweet, calming and amazing. Wednesday's Child 5 months ago I'm so glad this is my first Cry video.

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I feel like this game is a perfect match with his voice. Nekoszowa 5 months ago I'm half into the vid and I wonder if you figured out that Vegetoids can heal you later on: D Legally Not Okay 5 months ago you were not hallucinating you saw flowy the flower flower Darkus Power 5 months ago I don't know alot about this game.

Amberbubbles X3 5 months ago He sounds so edgy: I love the fact that cry actually plays this game smart Rottet 5 months ago Awh. Heck, it's nice to come back to undertale every now and then. Such a sweet game.

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I absolutely loved it! Crys voice plus the soothing music of Undertale, made me want to fall asleep on the first minutes! PixxelTrixx 6 months ago 4 mill views hype! Puppy Lightning Knight 6 months ago i haven't watched this guy ever until just now.

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I love the video and I'll be sure to watch more buddy! Jordan Schelte 6 months ago good job friend, oh. One of my favorite people playing one of my favorite games, it gives me a feel-good nostalgia trip every time.

You're a co- Excuse me but that is Tori you should respect her she saved your life knmintd 7 months ago coming back to this playthrough after 2 years.Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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