Doggie daycare business plans

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Doggie daycare business plans

Share on Facebook If you love dogs and want to earn a living while providing a valuable service to dogs and their owners, running a dog daycare center may be your answer. Daycare for dogs does not include overnight boarding, but is the same kind of service that is offered for children.

Dogs are social creatures and will benefit from spending time with other dogs rather than sitting in a crate at home waiting for humans to return. A well-planned dog daycare facility benefits the dogs, the owners and you.

Research Before you take the plunge and open your dog daycare center, you need to do some market research to determine the feasibility and expenses involved -- and also to see if you are really well-suited for the job.

Check out dog day cares online. There are independents as well as franchises. Visit local facilities, get tours and ask lots of questions. If there is an opportunity, consider working in one to get firsthand information about how they operate. Talk to as many dog owners as you can to find out what they like about centers and what kinds of services they would like to have for their dogs.

Check with your local and state regulatory agencies to determine what licenses you will need. In most states the Department of Agriculture oversees commercial pet facilities. Sooner or later, however, you will need more room.

Look for space in an industrial warehouse where you can also fence off outside space. How much space you need will depend on the number and size of dogs you care for, Too many dogs in confined areas will create stress and behavioral problems. As a rule of thumb a medium-sized dog should have at least seventy-five square feet of room.

While some operators may crowd dogs because of space constraints or to earn more profit, plenty of room means happy dogs and happy owners.

Your location should also have proximity to a veterinarian or emergency care facility should the need arise. Special Needs and Emergencies Part of the space and location planning must include addressing the question of what dogs to include.

Also, you must consider whether to accept dogs that are not spayed or neutered. You will have behavioral issues between those who are and those who are not. You must also make provisions for special needs dogs such as those with handicaps, special diets or in need of medication. Even if you do not live in a hurricane, earthquake or tornado zone, you will need an emergency plan to evacuate in the event of fire or other localized problem.

Check to see if the property is in a potential flood plain, if there are trees that could fall on the property and if there are interior rooms that could accommodate all the dogs in a emergency. Building Your Business As you plan your day care center, develop a pro forma financial statement to add up your expenses and see how many dogs you will need to cover those expenses.

Plan your operating hours, holiday schedules and daily routines, allowing dogs rest as well as exercise and play time. Make sure that you maintain a good staff-to-dog ratio.

Network with vets, groomers, pet stores and trainers. Look for community newspapers and magazines to place your advertisements. Experiment with placing your ad in cardpacks -- the bundled ads from local businesses that can be mailed to targeted neighborhoods.

Of course, once you are established, word-of-mouth advertising will be your best source of new customers.A Sample Doggie Daycare Business Plan Template Are you about starting a doggie daycare business? If YES, here is a complete sample doggie daycare business plan template & .

PAWS provides you with two Dog Daycare business plans designed exclusively for the successful operation of a Dog Daycare, one plan designed for the investor owner and one designed specifically for those needing to borrow money to make their dream a reality.

Each Dog Daycare Business Plan includes defines what your goals will be, while spelling /5(K). VCP is the leader in wellness plan automation and solutions providing an end-to-end partnership, beyond just software, to ensure veterinary practices succeed at designing, launching and easily managing wellness plans, treatment plans and a complete program of wellness.

Plans for a Dog Daycare Facility. by Thomas Metcalf.

doggie daycare business plans

Related Articles. How to Write a Business Plan for an Animal Shelter; A well-planned dog daycare facility benefits the dogs, the owners and you. Research. Building Your Business. Canine's of all types love our doggie hotel with lots of extras to make their stay personal and enjoyable.

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