Desertificiation in china essay

Definitions[ edit ] Considerable controversy exists over the proper definition of the term "desertification" for which Helmut Geist has identified more than formal definitions. During most of these times, deserts have grown and shrunk independent of human activities.

Desertificiation in china essay

How will different future development paths influence desertification? Population growth and increased food demand are expected to drive the expansion and intensification of land cultivation in drylands. If no countermeasures are taken, desertification in drylands will threaten future improvements in human well-being and possibly reverse gains in some regions.

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The different scenarios are based on either increased globalization or increased regionalizationeach combined with either a reactive or proactive way of addressing environmental issues.

A farmer in semi-arid Burkina Faso works as a blacksmith during the dry season Source: Poverty and unsustainable land use practices will continue to be the main factors driving desertification in the near future, and climate change will also play a role.

Freshwater scarcity, which already affects billion people globally, is expected to increase, causing greater stresses in drylands and ultimately a worsening of desertification.

The implementation of the U. Convention to Combat Desertification UNCCD would be particularly difficult in a regionalized -reactive world Order from strength scenariowhile prospects would improve in a more globalized world with proactive ecosystem management TechnoGarden scenario.Desertification may intensify a general climatic trend toward greater aridity, or it may initiate a change in local climate.

Deserts advance erratically, forming patches on their borders. Areas far from natural deserts can degrade quickly to barren soil, rock, or sand through poor land management.

How are desertification and human well-being linked?

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Essay Preview. Historically the Chinese has had an established a balance between man and nature. However, the twentieth century has seen a reversal in this relationship.

Oct 06,  · China/India Compare and Contrast Essay China and India’s populations have both started to become a GHG emission and desertification of land1. Several methods and sources were used such as Pressure–State–Response (PSR), urban-rural population model or other research papers written previously2.

China is a large.

The UN predicts over 50 million people will move house by because their land has turned to desert. This is already happening in Senegal, writes Laeila Adjovi.

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A segment of the Loess Plateu in China with several million inhabitants was recovered from relentless erosion in the last 15 years, by means of banning goat over-grazing, re-planting trees to capture and buffer rain waters on the highest elevatations (fish scale planting structure) and re-terracing the slopes.

The structure and function of the PRC is responsible for many of these problems. The PRC is a controlled by the CCP through central government mandates to the regional and provincial government.

Day to day decisions of governance are made by the Standing Committee and the President.

Desertificiation in china essay
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