Biyahero business plan

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Flores, August Anthony N. ReprotoAdrian B. Peer-to-peer markets, collectively known as the pooling economy, have emerged as alternative suppliers of goods and services traditionally provided by long-established industries.

The rapid growth of peerto-peer platforms has arguably been enabled by two key factors: Technology innovations have streamlined the process of market entry for suppliers, have facilitated searchable listings for consumers, and have kept transaction overheads low.

Supply-side flexibility is another hallmark of these platforms: Uber drivers can add or remove themselves from the available supply of drivers with a swipe on an app, and similarly other suppliers can readily list and de-list the selection of goods or services they have on offer.

Peer, Flexibility, organizer, uber, I. Consumers have so far enthusiastically adopted the services offered by firms such as Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and TaskRabbit. Biyahero is a travel pooling app wherein user can select and book their trips via using the uber way of things.

This platform will help Trip Organizers to reach more client to offer their services wherein on other hand trip joiners will able to have more selection on trips they plan to book. The platform will be used by 2 kinds of users, Organizer and Joiner.

Biyahero will be the platform to connect both parties. The primary objective of biyahero.

biyahero business plan

It also incorporates rating feature to ensure high standard services. Thus, mobile technology has been identified as a potential delivery alternative since it is able to provide services anywhere anytime. The proposed system is created to be used in both mobile and web or also known as Progressive Web App, this applications uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.

As the story suggests, the Internet is a powerful tool to help buyers and sellers find each other. It has enabled the creation of marketplaces for local goods and services e.


They lower entry costs for sellers, allowing individuals and small businesses to compete with traditional firms. They rely on spot transactions, often eschewing long-term contracts or employment relationships.

They take advantage of technology to improve the matching of buyers and sellers or to implement flexible or auction-based pricing. They frequently do little up-front screening or certification and instead try to maintain quality by using reputation and feedback mechanisms. And, at least in some cases, they have made inroads by skirting regulatory barriers.

For economists, the rise of peer-to-peer markets has provided a fascinating set of examples of innovative market design. Companies such as eBay, Etsy, and Airbnb allow www. Finance platforms such as Prosper and Kickstarter use a variety of public good mechanisms to enable individuals to collectively fund loan or project investments.

Labor markets such as Upwork and TaskRabbit allow buyers to run smallscale procurement auctions for specialized tasks. Businesses such as Instacart and Uber use centralized mechanisms to assign workers to jobs, but these mechanisms also rely on market forces. When a rider submits a desired route, Uber advertises the job to nearby drivers.

The allocation of the job is invisible to riders, but Uber tries to balance demand and supply and limit wait times by adjusting prices to current market conditions.

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In this review, we take stock of the academic research on peer-to-peer markets and discuss some of the broader economic issues around these new platforms. We divide the article into three parts, looking first at the design of Internet markets, then at the economics of peer production, and finally at some emerging regulatory issues.Bargain Central Corp added 5 new photos to the album: Raffles Luggage covers in 20" and 24" sizes — at Raffles Kitchen Art.

biyahero business plan

November 18, · great for avoiding laglag bala. On March 18, Toshiba Corporation President & CEO Mr. Masashi Muromachi presented Toshiba’s fiscal year business plan. Biyahero your Travel Agency.

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Jul 25,  · Indeed, the biyahero couple went bankrupt before long, so they decided to venture into what they thought was a more reliable business. They saw a captive market of jeepney drivers from a nearby terminal and put up their eatery beside it.

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