Bachelor thesis programming

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Bachelor thesis programming

Gert Smolka Context Open and distributed programming has produced the need to compose programs dynamically, via some form of dynamic loading and linking.

Client-side Scripting using Meta-programming (Bachelor thesis) - Tomas Petricek

To maintain type safety, type-checking has to be performed at link-time. To keep active processes small, loading of additional components should only be performed when needed.

Formalising a language with support for such type-safe, late dynamic linking requires two key ingredients: However, when both features are combined into a single system, interesting implications arise: Since term-level computation may be lazy, type-level computation inevitably has to support laziness as well.

That necessitates a new concept: Task description This thesis shall develop a calculus that integrates type analysis with laziness, in the presence of higher-order polymorphism.

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The central task is to develop a precise operational semantics of type-level computations, which is usually left implicit in other calculi with higher-order type systems. This requires the choice of a suitable notion of normal form and an appropriate reduction strategy.

Moreover, reduction must be extended to account for laziness. Laziness may require type and term-level reductions to interleave, so both reduction regimes must be integrated properly.

The choice of reduction strategy for types has a direct impact on the degree of laziness achievable for type-carrying terms, and should hence be motivated by analyzing possible application scenarios. Standard soundness properties have to be shown for the calculus.

Dynamic typing in polymorphic languages. Journal of Functional Programming, 5 1: A call-by-need lambda calculus.

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Journal of Functional Programming, 8 3: Types and Programming Languages. The call-by-need lambda calculus. Journal of Functional Programming, 7 3: Polymorphic lambda calculus with dynamic types, FoPra Thesis, October Alice through the looking glass. Trends in Functional Programming, volume 5, Intellect, Downloads.Charles University in Prague Faculty of Mathematics and Physics BACHELOR THESIS Tomáš Petříček Client side scripting using meta-programming Department of Software Engineering Advisor: RNDr.

David Bednárek Study program: Computer Science, Programming 1. · nRF51 Embedded Programming for Wireless NO 2 gas-sensor Master / Bachelor Thesis.

Bachelor thesis programming

Motivation. Upon exposure to NO. 2, the changes of CNT conductance can be detected by various methods. One of them is to apply a constant/variable bias voltage and monitor the current which  · In some countries/universities, the word "thesis" or a cognate is used as part of a bachelor's or master's course, while "dissertation" is normally applied In this thesis, we would like to implement and evaluate a number of these existing algorithms.

Keywords: routing, placement Requirements: Python programming experience, Solid background in algorithm design, Basic understanding of mathematical  · Bachelor's thesis Information Technology Richard Olugbenga Ajayi INTERACTIVE GAME PROGRAMMING WITH PYTHON (CODESKULPTOR) Bachelor thesis dedication.

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