Aussie air government strategy paper

He attended the University of Western Australia [More In September,he completed his PhD thesis, which dealt with the properties of high capacity ad hoc networks and long range microwave datalinks, using X-band and Ku-band radar apertures [More

Aussie air government strategy paper

Business The roll call of Australian corporate disasters Heroic Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello's recent 'guarantee' of the wholesomeness of Australia's 'vertically integrated' government-judicial-regulatory-media corporate and legal culture might be a bit premature if not downright dangerous.

To quote Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" "when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favours when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by workyou may know that your society is doomed.

Crikey Jun 30, Heroic Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello's recent 'guarantee' of the wholesomeness of Australia's 'vertically integrated' government-judicial-regulatory-media corporate and legal culture might be a bit premature if not downright dangerous.

Coming from the man who has ultimate responsibility for the systemic health and stability of the Aussie financial and corporate system, that's some there bold statement pardner, ol' buddy you. Sheeet, pardner is just what Treasurer Costello has let the Aussie taxpayers in for.

Because he has the very important job of Treasurer of the republic, that's why. And he should know it is a very dangerous past-time for Treasurers and senior elected officials of countries to tout Aussie air government strategy paper everything is just hunky out there when all the portents look, well, slam dunky.

Think of Helen Clark or Clucktz whatever her name is, and her Air New Zealand investment advice, and what a downer no pun intended that turned out to be as Air NZ chanced it with Ansett. Particularly when foreign investors are straining for the slightest smell to mix metaphors on the world stage that the Aussie Prez, correction, PM, is standing on right now.

If it all goes pear shaped, the Aussie Treasurer is gonna be the man of the moment when them thar investirrs come a lookin' for that Government trust and confidence guarantee that sounded like he just handed on out.

Treasurer Costello's statements of Aussie corporate scene wholesomeness must have been substance-based. Maybe on the substance of his advisors, those pillars of Aussie regulatory and oversight rectitude, those corporate big end lickers none other than APRA and ASIC in whom Aussies repose their trust and confidence.

Let's just pause and focus on this for a moment and craft some thoughts here to see if there might be a systemic Aussie corporate and investment problem that the Aussie Treasurer has overlooked. And if anyone says otherwise, they just don't understand.

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Then there was Elders value adding 'options' of yesteryear to keep the Elliot crew of old at the wheel or was it the Harlin pumps in the old Prahn jam factory Yannon at Coles Myer, an oldie but a goodie nonetheless, if you were Solly Lew that is.

Ah yes, Pasminco, the all-is-well-we-know-naathing from 'Emmanuel' Rayner and not even a squeak from ASIC there about the roles of the banks in Pasminco's currency debacle, like who knew what and when and the courts caving in to the Takeover Panel against ASIC whichever club spare wheel the Takeover Panel is, and which has the added cache of sporting Jodee Rich's wife.

ASIC, where do they stand on this one? Right, but this was just a Positioning For Growth exercise. What else haven't they told the market for an encore? Claytinny Utz, of tobacco case 'document retention' fame they were just 'disappointed' or whatever the cliche51 was that was rolled out at the time from the legal dictionary used by PR flacks to describe incipient disasters like 'meritless', 'vigorously defend', 'misconceived', 'outrageous', 'we're not exposed' etc which translate respectively to "we're pinged', 'pettifogging is our only hope', 'we're guilty as hell', 'right on, Blue', 'we have our gonads hanging out'.

Aussie air government strategy paper

Anderson's, that former fat five audit and accounting firm, auditors of HIH and other companies previously believed sound Club cartel banks and the credit card intercourse fees strike that should be credit card interchange fees, ha ha, just a Freudian slip there twixt cup and lip and 69 cheers, hip, hip for the honest-to-God banking cartel, with 30 odd percent of the Aussie investment index and about percent of all corporate 'profits' in Australia.

One 'profoundly misled' Tel. Oh yes, and the absolutely fabulous Ansett. Australia's great chronicler of corporate spivdom, Trevor Sykes, is the best man to complete the current hall of fame.

Your foreign correspondent hasn't even got to the sycophantic Aussie print and electronic media and corporate analyst gold fish bowl yet. Who in Australia knows of any business media or analyst that allows their interviewee subjects to dictate editorial policy on what will and won't be probed and published and broadcast as the price of continued access?

Anyone hear a pin drop. So let's just see who might come a knockin' on Treasurer Costello's door for compensation - "Ah'm a lookin' for yer and a piece of the booty your booty shake that booty, and gimme a piece of it".

Australia’s Defence White Paper

And while we're a thinking about that, lets also think about Eliott Ness in NYC, wait one, that's Eliot Spitzer wrong name, same go-get-em attitude - and that big payout he's extracted from Merrill Lynch for a touch of alleged analyst wrongdoing, not admitted to by Merrill Lynch, of course, coming to a board of directors and company near you.

Howabout some big-time US bounty hunters and corporate predators seeking truth, justice and the American way downunder?


And what if that little cocktail hit the fan. Treasurer Costello might want to check the Aussie Government's exposure that's code for Aussie taxpayer exposure with his buddy the Attorney General. It may be that a large part of the wholesome mess that is the Aussie corporate sector in which he seems to repose such confidence is subject to stringent extra-territorial US securities and disclosure laws.

Treasurer Costello might also want to ask any large corporates like banks and insurance companies if they are doing any big share buyback price support schemes while sitting like quiet little church mice on anything remotely like market sensitive information.

Aussie air government strategy paper

In the US, that's big time wrongdoing baby. Big Dubya calls it fraud.The Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of the French Republic relating to the Exchange and Communication of Classified Information entered into force in , and provides the security requirements for the exchange of classified information between Australia and .

Government’s specific goals and objectives for this negotiation The Foreign Investment Review Board is acting on behalf of the Australian government. There are three main objectives in this negotiation: retaining lobs in Australia, keeping the Susie Air management team in place, and keeping the stock price of Susie Air from increasing more.

John retired from the Royal Australian Air Force in as the Deputy Chief of the Air Force following a career as an F/A fighter pilot, test pilot and strategic planner.

His senior posts included Commander of the Integrated Area Defence System (IADS). The primary objective of the Australian Government Cloud Computing Strategic Direction paper is to develop a principles and risk based pathway for agencies to rationalise their ICT asset base and to adopt cloud computing where appropriate.

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The roll call of Australian corporate disasters. Heroic Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello's recent 'guarantee' of the wholesomeness of Australia's 'vertically integrated' government-judicial. i The Strategy Framework Foreword The Defence White Paper , Defending Australia in the Asia Pacific Century: Force , announced the Government objective of ensuring that Defence is a strategy-led organisation.

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