A synopsis of the movie when

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis Set in an animated world controlled by animals, the film starts with a young koala bear named Buster Moon voice of Matthew McConaughey going to see his very first musical production as a child. He is utterly enthralled by the show and quickly forms the dream to work in theater. As an adult, Buster has taken over the same theater where he saw that play.

A synopsis of the movie when

Enjoyment 4 After reading some of the other reviews, I decided to write my own to express my own views towards Clannad The Motion Picture. Before that, I would like to note that I will be comparing the movie with some outside facts and other points of view to prove my arguments.

So basically, in some degree comparing the series is also comparing back to the visual novel into some extend. Plus, if we were to compare the movie with the series, the movie only summarise approximately episode worth of story from the series out of the The problem with the movie is how much referencing I should be making with the vn.

The movie is written to be able to stand on its own. Many other studios also do this by taking and redoing the story of other VNs to suit the timeframe and demands of the market.

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So why was Clannad such an exception to the modification make in the movie? Reason is simply because of the story and how it captures the heart of its audience. Ask yourself if you watched both the series and the movie, how memorable or funny moments can you remember from both of them.

So the movie very feels like a summary but summary of what? I not allow to compare it with the series and it has totally different storytelling from the VN. Same plot but different way of storytelling Artwork: This is the part where the movie failed the most.

There are just too many animation inconsistencies and the character just look too flat at some moments for me. Seriously, it was a movie? I thought it was made in Another let down of the movie was its soundtrack.

A synopsis of the movie when

I find the soundtrack to simple and just work. FYI, the series reused almost all of the soundtrack from the VN which give gamers a right at home feel. The real problem was that the visual novel already set a very high bar for the movie which it also fail to reach expected level of quality that the visual novel have.

Visual novel have great soundtrack so why the movie only has ok level soundtrack? While I have no real complains as they are changed to adapt to the current storyline, but the character were less lovable not just because of artwork but also their dialogue and choice of actions than in the VN and series.

Plus, where is FUKO???? It was simply because either the visual novel or the series outperformed it in every aspect that it outshined the movie and make it look bad. Nothing to like about the movie.Jurassic Park is a science fiction-adventure-drama film directed by Steven Spielberg, based upon the novel of the same name, written by Michael Crichton.

A synopsis of the movie when

The story involves scientists visiting a safari amusement park of genetically engineered dinosaurs on an island over one weekend. Toy Story is about the 'secret life of toys' when people are not around. When Buzz Lightyear, a space-ranger, takes Woody's place as Andy's favorite toy, Woody doesn't like .

The Giver is a American social science fiction film directed by Phillip Noyce and starring Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Cameron Monaghan, Emma Tremblay, Taylor Swift, Thabo Rametsi, and Alexander/James Jillings.

The Castle is a Australian movie which was popular in Australia. Some people outside Australia did not understand some of the humour. The Castle starred Michael Caton and Anne Tenney and was filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

The Castle was made in 11 days for about AUD$, The Vow is a American romantic drama film directed by Michael Sucsy and written by Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein, and Jason Katims, inspired by the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.

The film stars Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum as the Collins, with Sam Neill, Scott Speedman, and Jessica Lange in supporting roles. Synopsis Opening scene: a camera sweeps high across the treeline of a lush, green world.

Intercut is a sequence of images of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a crippled war veteran and former Marine.

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