A comparison of the two competing websites foxnewscom and cnncom

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A comparison of the two competing websites foxnewscom and cnncom

Publicity Comparitive Analysis of two competing websites: Politics has now turned to the internet for the distribution of its current affairs. The Drudge Report has been voted second, gaining just half the amount of estimated unique monthly users compared to its rival.

Upon comparing the two websites, it is immediately clear why The Huffington Post triumphs. Content Firstly, the content on the websites differ. The Drudge Report is just a political website so the main page is filled with solely political related content. The Huffington Post reaches a broader audience by catering for other topics aside from politics.

Place your items at the top of the site. The topics are also organised down the main page through the use of colour co-ordination: The site lacks a menu so there are no categories or sub categories, the only essential part it shows at the top of the page is the title and the biggest story and the search tab can be found buried in the middle of the page.

These factors make it difficult to navigate around the site, which is why the Huffington Post is superior. Presentation The presentation of the site content also differs. The sites match each other in that they both have the main body of their sites split into three columns.

However The Huffington Post have organised their columns and kept the layout consistent through the whole site. There are no subheadings for the columns or sections either, making it extremely hard for the reader to make sense of it all. The Drudge Report also uses the entire webpage for content giving a claustrophobic feel, whereas the Huffington Post leaves white space on either side of the text, making the content easier to digest.

Usability testing shows that long link text makes it much easier for visitors to find their way around a site Spritz Web Solutions This is essential as most people will not read beyond a first sentence or paragraph.

People scan for the main points and move on. Therefore content must be clear, concise and to the point.

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Both websites comply with this, providing detailed descriptions to their articles, however they do so in different ways. The Drudge Report emphasises the key words of a post title by changing the case to upper case. However the style is not consistent, having a completely different layout and font on other pages such as the archive page.

This is unfortunate for the Drudge Report as they have adverts in the same font as their content, so users may get mistaken and therefore ignore the content. The Huffington Post puts most post titles in a black, bold, sans serif style, and has the main body of an article in serif font, however for the biggest news story the text is much larger, in all upper case and in blue instead of black.

Almost all posts are accompanied by a relevant picture and User Generated Content UGCwhich is present on the site in the form of comments and some blog posts.

They remain in the same style as the rest of the site. Aside from HuffPost accounts, The Huffington Post also makes it very simple to connect with them through social networking.

Near the top of the main page just are two buttons, one to connect to Facebook and another to connect to Twitter. Post can also be shared.

A comparison of the two competing websites foxnewscom and cnncom

Each post can be shared on other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, DiggDelicious and Reddit as well as allowing the option to print the article. There is also a sharing tool on the main page, again including Facebook and Twitter, but also allowing the reader to get the latest news from The Huffington Post sent to their phones.

The Huffington Post supports the AndroidApple and Blackberry platforms, allowing their content to be distributed to the follower wherever they are: There is an RSS feed but it is not obvious and can be found through a search engine, not the site, which is not user friendly, which is a critical component of a successful website.

The site must be easy to read, navigate, and understand Spritz Web Solutions The Huffington Post has a lot of content on its site but still manages to keep it simple and not overwhelm the viewer through organisation. Each news story appears in a different box, the social networking buttons are grouped together not spread everywhere and the search bar is near the top, allowing to viewer to easily search the entire site.

The Drudge Reports website is also very simple, but possibly too much so. The site has been stripped back to the bare bones, using minimal amounts of headers and titles.

However, because both sites have so much content, both main pages are very long and takes a long time to reach the end of the page footer. Also the loading times for the pages on both can be temperamental, sometimes quick and sometimes slow, being more than four seconds.

Both sites are also compatible with different platforms such as FirefoxSafari and Google Chromeenabling more viewers. The Huffington Post uses it in posts, tags and hyperlinks, however the Drudge Report excels in this.Compare two websites 1.

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A comparison of the two competing websites foxnewscom and cnncom

DOI: /uog Comparison of two different sites of measurement. Comparitive Analysis of two competing websites: The Huffington Post vs The Drudge Report. With the internet having nearly two billion users, all intelligent news companies now provide online material for their benjaminpohle.comcs has now turned to the internet for the distribution of its current affairs.

An analysis of the need for affirmative action